TN HALT MS Patient Using Cannabis Oil To Reverse Severe MS Symptoms.

I believe Americans for Safe Access is the future for setting quality standards in cannabis therapeutics across the nation. As a MS patient who has awakened from seemingly normal nights of sleep to discover new life altering symptoms such as complete left-sided paralysis, dysphasia (the inability to form words mentally or  phonetically), and complete blindness. Of course, I developed insomnia, and was hoarding 15mg of Valium every day to take at night for sleep, and often it was ineffective.


During a particularly rough period I used about 80 of my 90 - 5mg Valium, chased them with low dose liquid hydroccodone during my first, and only suicide attempt that landed me in a shitty State facility that I checked myself out of the next day, with Tarek’s help. The devastating side effects from the antidepressants required to keep my mental state in check were unacceptable. The anti-spasmodic's, and pain meds were beyond unacceptable for my stomachs issues. I am now 100% Pharma free for the first time in my life, and I feel better everyday.


AMERICA, our veterans give, and risk their lives for us to feel as if we are free enough to rest our heads most nights. It is incomprehensible to me that our Federal Government & Congress denies it’s/our Veterans Safe & Legal Access to the only medication truly helping them after returning home with physical, and/or mental impairments.


MS Patient, Mom, Grandma, trying to save the world one post at a time.

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