What do we do during the party?


Organize your party in whatever way you think will work best -—be innovative and creative. Below is party timeline template (for a 6pm to 8pm event) you can use:

6:00–6:30 Host welcomes arriving guests. Guests sign-in (we’ll send you a form to use) so that we can keep them updated about ASA in the future.

6:30–7:00 Guests mingle, enjoy food and drink.

7:00–7:30 Host addresses group, welcomes them, and makes a 10-15 minute presentation about sending patients to DC for the ASA conference is so important (we can help you with a script if you would like). Optional: Play ASA videos (provided)

7:30–7:35 Host explains why they support the organization and asks guests to make a financial contribution. We will help talk you through the pitch and the best way to do it before the party!

7:35–8:00 Host thanks guests for their support. Host invites guests to have more to eat and drink. 

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