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Welcome to Unity 2022 from Steph Sherer and Debbie Churgai

This welcome by Steph Sherer and Debbie Churgai began ASA's 10th Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity conference.


Yesterday- How Advocates Helped Change the Conversation of Medical Cannabis

Since 2002, ASA and our group of grassroots advocates have helped create the space for medical cannabis access. In this panel you will hear from past ASA members on the many obstacles that we had to fight through to get to where we are today.


Celebrating 20 Years of Medical Cannabis Advocacy

ASA's founder Steph Sherer, looks back at the past 20 years of advocacy for medical cannabis. She discusses the campaigns, raids, lawsuits, and laws that have created the current cannabis marketplace.


Today: What’s Working for Patients

Americans for Safe Access and countless other advocates have, through their dedication and courage, created a system of medical cannabis access across most of our country. US patients' ability to access cannabis is broader than ever before. This panel will discuss the elements of our current medical cannabis regime that are actually serving patients.


Today: Current Challenges faced by the Medical Cannabis Marketplace and Patients

While the political landscape is constantly changing around cannabis policy these advances are not always beneficial for patients and patient issues. In fact, patients are not only being left behind, in some arenas, they have been taken out of the conversation altogether. This panel will explore the challenges patients still face in 2022.


2023 State of the States Report Preview

ASA's State of the States report is our largest annual report and a powerful tool to address state level issues in medical cannabis laws and regulations. By grading every state and territories program and providing recommendations we help improve access for all Americans. Abbey Roudebush offers a preview of our upcoming report and the trends in medical cannabis laws and regulations.


Cannabis and Cannabinoid Quality Matters

Despite the creation of medical cannabis distribution programs across the nation there are serious gaps in product safety requirements that endanger the "safe" part of safe access. Steph Sherer helps us better understand those gaps, how to look for safe cannabis products and what is required to fix the current problems.


Tomorrow: The World We Envision, Safe and Affordable Access for All

While we struggle in the US to pass federal legislation, over 40 countries have passed federal medical cannabis programs. In this panel, experts from two of these countries will share their experiences in how they utilized research and clinical experience to integrate cannabis into their countries’ health care infrastructures.


Federal Legislation Briefing: The Cannabis Patient Equity Act

In 2023 ASA will be seeking to pass legislation to change the scheduling of medical cannabis, create a federal agency to oversee it, and basically change the way medical cannabis works in the USA. Steph Sherer covers what this would mean for patients, physicians, businesses, lawmakers and regulators.


Reclaiming Patient's Role in Cannabis Policy: A Campaign to Pass Federal Legislation

With ASA's upcoming push for comprehensive federal medical cannabis reform the need for patient advocacy has never been greater. Steph Sherer talks about how you can get involved in this crucial campaign. After the presentation Steph is joined by Piper Lindeen to talk about the #ASAChallenge and Debbie Churgai to address audience questions about the federal legislation.

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