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Since 2002, ASA has promoted excellence in the medical marijuana movement.  The ASA Excellence Awards program recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Safe Access, programs that exemplify the highest standards and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand safe access.  

Submit your nominations below for who you feel has made a difference in for Safe Access.

Nomination Categories

  • Journalist of the Year 
  • Researcher of the Year 
  • Patient Advocate of the Year 
  • 2015 Courage Award 
  • Elected Official of the Year 
  • ASA Chapter of the Year 
  • Action Group of the Year 
  • Patient Lobbyist of the Year
  • Patient Partnership Award 
  • Medical Professional of the Year 

Nominate your ASA Chapter of the Year

Awarded to the ASA Chapter that has distinguished itself in the last year. Chapters that win this award are extremely involved in their local communities and also hold successful education and fundraising events.

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