"I learned more at this conference than at any of the innumerable other marijuana conferences I've attended in recent years." - Dale Gieringer California NORML

"The ASA Conference confirmed we have such a beautiful movement. It's been one of the greatest blessings of my life to be connected to so many loving, dedicated, powerful souls. ❤
Let's keep battling against Politics shackling Science". - Sue Sisley

It's hard for me to give anything but 5 stars across the board on just about everything about the conference. In all honesty, this was probably one of the most special things that I have ever been able to participate in. Thank you! - Yujin Ito, CA

In addition to the vast amount of information I learned through the extraordinary speakers, I have formed relationships that have helped change laws and perspectives in Maryland. Information is king and this conference allows people on all ends of the spectrum of knowledge about cannabis to gain information. - Gail Rand, MD

I've attended Unity and not only has it helped me on my journey to heal myself...attending has helped me with being able to help others as well.... The knowledge and experiences I've gained through these conferences has given me the tools I needed to educate other veterans on how cannabis can replace most of the pharmaceuticals...that can be deadly...given to us from the VA.... There is nowhere else I could have gotten this information ... This conference has been a key to saving lives....much gratitude...! - Libby Moseley Arrington, AR

Dr. Rabe-mind blowing!!! I think I must have had my jaws dropped the entire time he spoke. Hearing about the new development with Nuvilex and to see results of clinical trials utilizing cannabis and the encapsulated cell therapy for cancer patients brought tears to my eyes. This is the kind of mainstream medical attention Cannabis needs to break through into medical acceptance. - Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC, Board of Directors, American Cannabis Nurses Association

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