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Contributions are tax deductible.

Send a Patient to Unity

A large group of people dressed formaly in a hearing room in the U.S. Capitol Building. Most are seated but one man is standing behind a tale speaking to the group. A photographer stands in the corner. The room is bright with beige walls and blue carpeting. The walls feature television screens and portraits of lawmakers. A group of A.S.A. advocates standing outdoors in front of the US Capitol Building. The are in transit walking with coats on. The day is bright and sunny but the trees are bare of leaves. In the foreground a woman is being pushed in a wheelchair by a man. A support dog is next to them.

Your donation of $1,500 (or more) will allow ten deserving patients to participate in our online conference. You can choose to designate your scholarship to a specific recipient or contribute to our fund to award to our most deserving applicants. 

To thank you for your generosity, you will receive a special thanks printed in our Unity 2020 digital program book.

Thank you for supporting patients with your sponsorship of a National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference Scholarship!

In order to accommodate the patients and meet our event schedule our deadline for patient sponsorship will be March 22.

Who's donating: from Lothian, MD donated. Thank you!