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ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, including face-to-face lobbying in Congressional offices, is the premiere medical cannabis event in the country. Getting patients who have something to contribute to the conversation to Washington, DC, is important. We know the best outcomes for medical cannabis patients come when they have a seat at the table to discuss strategy, priorities, and policy. 

The cost for each patient you help send to the conference and lobby day is approximately $1,000 (depending on where the patient lives). Last year, donors contributed enough to sponsor 135 patients from 34 different states. Those patients spent the weekend learning about medical cannabis, building advocacy skills and networking with activists from all over the country. Then the patients participated in the largest medical cannabis Congressional lobby day in history – including meetings in over 300 offices! Help us do it again this year. 

Help me send an advocate to Washington, DC for the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference!

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